Hitman 3 reveals neon-drenched Chongqing location


Hitman 3’s third location has been shown off today for the first time – and it’s the Chinese city of Chongqing.

Developer IO Interactive has created a version of the neon-lit city which shows off Hitman 3’s shinier next-gen visuals. It all looks especially nice at night and in the rain, when drops dribble down the side of Agent 47’s bald head.

PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and capable PCs will all run Hitman 3 at 4K and 60fps, with HDR support, IO said today.

Chongqing joins two previously-revealed locations: Dubai, which features hundreds of on-screen NPCs at once, and Dartmoor, where 47 gets embroiled in an Agatha Christie-esque murder mystery.

Last week, IO revealed even bigger news: that it has won the 007 licence and will make the next James Bond game. That project will launch at some point after Hitman 3 arrives in January 2021.